Talking Tech

    I’ll be joining the fine folks at Teachers Teaching Teachers folks tonight to discuss some ideas and issues around supporting teachers as they take their students online.  It’ll be a good conversation about partnerships, second wave adopters, and lots more.  If you’re so inclined, consider joining us at 7pm Mountain in the EdTechTalk […]

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Media RoundUp

    Lots of good stuff has either slid through the podcatcher or across the TV screen lately.  Thought you’d be interested in these two. Frontline is looking very seriously at the future of news as well as what it means to keep secrets in a four part series called NewsWar.  A teacher’s guide is […]

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    Eric’s started a great discussion on creating a "killer EdApp."  Be sure to follow along in the comments — some smart folks are chiming in over there.  If you’re into PLE or CMS, you should certainly HOO (head on over).  We sure can acronymize, can’t we, fellow educators?    As for me, I […]

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   If you actually visit my blog, instead of just reading the feed, you’ll notice that I’m experimenting with Explode, a new social networking tool made by the same folks working on Elgg.  It’s a temporary addition, unless I decide that it’s worth hanging on to.  I’m not yet sure of its value — but […]

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    I have a hunch that 8e6 Technologies, the group that filters our school area’s Internet, recently decided that Google Video is "R Rated."  I noticed that the site became blocked here a few days ago.  YouTube has been blocked, for the same reason, for a while.      Dear 8e6, please remove those […]

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Footnotes? Me?

    I never thought I’d say/write this, but I’m finding that I need a way to create footnotes in a blog entry.  I use Typepad.  Does anyone know of how/where I can create footnotes, preferably linkable ones, inside of my blog?  I’m writing a big post, and I need the ability to annotate it.  […]

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Badges? Do We Need a Badge?

    I’m discovering more and more connections to the within my online networks.  I wonder if someone has (or could) create a badge for folks who are NWP teachers.   I have a hunch that there are lots of writing project teachers blogging.   Wouldn’t it be handy if we had a ?  (I created a […]

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    Just in case you were wondering — this isn’t me.   

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