No Correction. Sort of.


The upshot of my correspondence with a very pleasant Ms. Radcliffe today (We’ve exchanged six messages so far, three each way.  She asked me not to share hers, so I won’t share the messages, but I will share the outcome) is that no correction will be issued as no error has occurred.   
    I disagree with that assessment.  I have inquired of her as to what my next step should be.
UPDATE:  As I was writing this post, this update appeared on their blog.  I suppose that’s a step.
    I’m about ready to move on, though.  I don’t really think this is a battle worth fighting.  The larger issue of anonymity is one worth revisiting from time to time.
    I understand teachers work in places where their "free speech" will get them fired.  I also understand that, sometimes, "free speech" isn’t all that free.  Yes, teachers should stand up to unsafe or illegal working conditions or student situations, and there is a time and a place for doing so anonymously.  But those times and places should be few and far between.
    Plenty of anonymous teacher blogging that I’ve seen is responsible, but I fear that being anonymous allows for the times when the anonymous teacher wants to call someone an idiot, or a headcase, or other another defamatory, inflammatory term.   There’s no responsibility to be fair or accurate in those instances.
    That’s not okay.  Not in public, at least, and not in a professional capacity.  We’ve got enough problems to work through in our schools without a lack of civility among the supposed "grown-ups."

4 thoughts on “No Correction. Sort of.

  1. Bud, I think you’ve got the right attitude here. You’re about as anonymous and hidden as a brass band on Main Street, and I admire that in you.

  2. Hi Bud

    I think you handled the situation just fine. You made your point and articulated your concerns and it seems as if the reporter heard and understood those points (maybe didn’t quite agree), and she ended up reflecting that on the revised site.

    Thanks for sharing the process that you went through as much as possible. It was enlightening (as usual).

    Now get out your tuba and play us a song, willya? (nice metaphor up there, Brad)


  3. Bud,
    Good for you for taking on city hall. This whole issue of anononymity is something I’ve been thinking about in a more general sense since I’ve been blogging. I’ve been using pseudonyms to talk about kids (or just calling them “that kid”) but mostly not using them when I talk about teachers. My reasoning has been that kids are minors and grown-ups aren’t. Ethical issues abound, huh. What have others said about this?
    – Cindy

    p.s. Lynley says hi.

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