Furl vs. Del.icio.us

    A few months back, I switched from Furl to Del.icio.us (username: budtheteacher).  I wasn’t eager to make the move, as I’ve always liked Furl, but newer versions of Firefox didn’t handle the Furl toolbar as well as I liked.  Also, working from multiple computers with different levels of user access required that I find a few different ways to access my bookmarks.  The multiple Del.icio.us Firefox extensions helped.  (I also really like the feature in Del.icio.us that allows me to send a link to someone else.  That’s just neat.)
     Does anyone know of a good way to move all of my Furl bookmarks into my Del.icio.us account? 
    Thanks in advance. 

4 thoughts on “Furl vs. Del.icio.us

  1. I’m sorry to leave what may be an unhelpful comment. I don’t know the answer to your question.

    However, I just added diigo to my set of online tools. It lets you archive pages like Furl, but also highlight and annotate with sticky-notes. An added benefit? You can simultaneously add your links to other bookmarking systems (like del.icio.us) on the fly.

    Still no help with that Furl import though …

  2. Hi Bud,

    Since del.icio.us won’t take XML imports, could you export your Furl bookmarks in the “IE Bookmarks” format and then upload it to del.icio.us?

    As a long-time Furler, I haven’t really made the switch to anything else, so I don’t know if this would work or not.


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