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    I’ve been following a group of preservice teachers as they begin to explore both blogging and teaching.  I wonder if you might be willing to hop over and give them a hearty welcome comment or two.  I think they’re beginning to ask some pretty interesting questions for a project they’re working on.  You can find the group via their teacher’s blog.  Look to the sidebar on the right side for the university students’ blogs.
    Sheryl has her preservice teachers’ blogs all glu’d upAlex Reid is blogging with preservice folks, too.  Any others? I like following new teachers’ thoughts and questions — both because of the New Voices column I edit for English Journal, and because I constantly fear falling into a rut of poor quality thinking.

One thought on “Please Welcome

  1. …column you edit for ENGLISH JOURNAL? Does this mean we might be able to meet you in person in Nashville at NCTE??!?!

    Hope so,
    Mary Lee and Franki at A Year of Reading

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