Mission Accomplished

  Mission Accomplished 
  Originally uploaded by Bud the Teacher.

She loved it.  So did I.  More to explore.  So little time.

5 thoughts on “Mission Accomplished

  1. Thanks for letting us follow along. I’m taking oscar to the ocean this weekend… of course, he’s a little little to walk in… I’ll probably get a toe in there though. Get that girl a beachball!

  2. Bud, I hope you brought a shovel and a bucket! Thanks for the great photo. I sat here grinning at it, experiences the sun and surf with her.

  3. How wonderful! My husband was sent on a business trip to California right before our daughter’s first birthday, and he would have missed it. I secretly got on a plane and took her out there. She stood on a beach on her first birthday, her little eyes ablaze with excitement and the ocean breeze blowing her curls. It was awesome!

    Enjoy all the moments! They are too fleeting!

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