Podcast: Alternative Education — An Evening with NCTE@CSU

    Last Wednesday, a student and I were invited to speak at the monthly meeting of CSU’s student affiliate group of NCTE.  We had a conversation for about an hour about alternative education and our experiences as teacher and student.  Lots of good questions and several laughs were shared.
    I didn’t intend to record the presentation, but some of their group wasn’t present, and was interested in a podcast version of the conversation.  I just happened to have my equipment. 
    Enjoy.  Oh, and the invitation to tour our school is open to y’all, too.  Just let me know if you’re interested.

2 thoughts on “Podcast: Alternative Education — An Evening with NCTE@CSU

  1. Hi Bud-

    Thanks so much for coming by our meeting a few weeks ago. I could have listened to you & your student talk late into the night. You are a very inpsiring teacher. I mean it!

    Keep up the fantastic work sir.

    Paul O’Connor

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