A Great Find

    Via a response to a post I made here last week, I just discovered a collection of preservice teacher blogs.  Some pretty interesting reading, and the preservice teachers who become bloggers will have a big heads up when it comes to professional development once they’re in their own classrooms. 
    On a technical note — this Suprglu page is a great example of how you can aggregate several voices into one location for the purpose of having both a shared and an individual blog space for a course.  After the course is over, the individual blogs can still exist, independent of a course, until the next need for aggregation comes along.  Tools like Suprglu are going to be the essentials when students enter a new course with their own personal learning space.
    For example, when a student creates a school blog for her language arts class, the teacher can aggregate all of those blogs into a Suprglu page.  Then, when that student is done with language arts, and is now blogging in math class, she can keep her same blog, with all of her old posts, and the math teacher can aggregate the class blogs together in a similar fashion, so that students need only add one more feed into their aggregators.
    Now, does anyone know how to aggregate posts by category only, so that the student’s work in language arts can be pulled into one class page, and the student’s work in math can end up on the math page?

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