Gmail’s Chat Feature Didn’t Work So Much for Me


Gmail is my all-time favorite e-mail program.  I love it.  I was surprised when I saw that they were adding chat directly into the application — and I still have concerns that chat in my e-mail might be problematic.
    But it really became a problem today when my school district’s filtering company blocked access to Gmail because it is now a "chat" application, and those are blocked.  That crippled me.  My school district’s mail application is nowhere near as useful, as versatile, or downright as user friendly as Gmail.  I have three different accounts that I use at school — one for listservs, one for collecting student work, and then my general account. 
    Fortunately, as soon as I requested that the site be unblocked, my request was granted.  But I still was crippled for a good chunk of the day.  Should I be upset about that — or happy that I was able to get the site unblocked?
    And why are schools so filter-happy?  We know they don’t solve anything.

2 thoughts on “Gmail’s Chat Feature Didn’t Work So Much for Me

  1. My school blocks any website that has a blog, is a blog, or has the word blog. It blocks any site that hints of chat.Not just for students.


    Of course you can submit a request. One of my requests was to access a site from an educational institution (.edu) with a dictionary of slang. My &^&*((*%^* CURRICULUM includes “evaluate slang expressions.”
    I was NOT given permission to access the site.

    The TechTsar is retiring. Does this mean we will have less censorship? Don’t hold your breath. But I’m not bitter….

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