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    I’ve got a new favorite Coast to Coast.   
    (Don’t worry, George, you and Art will always have a warm place in my heart.)
    Ed Tech Coast to Coast, starring the Four Horsemen of the Ed Tech World, (and I mean that in the nicest possible way) is a solid show with interesting content.  I suspect that, if you read my blog, you’ve already discovered the podcast, but I do think the show is worth a plug.
    Their most recent podcast is about access to technology.  An interesting listen.  A couple of times when I was listening, I found myself shouting at my car speakers.  Mostly, though, I found myself nodding my head in agreement.  It’s worth a listen.
    Jim agrees with me, and raises a good point about Internet filters.  One of our neighboring school districts blocks Blogger with their filter.  That’s a problem, as I’m trying to use a group blog to help maintain and build a involving their school district.  Three teachers are eager to begin blogging — but can’t.  One does not have a computer at home and she is blocked from using the site at school.  For educational purposes.  Another wishes to get a class going on a blogging project, but isn’t sure if the district will permit him to do so. 
    I wrote an e-mail to the district’s CIO a few days ago asking about their filtering policies.  I have yet to receive a response.  I cannot locate a written policy on the district’s website.
    I’ll fill you in when I do.

5 thoughts on “Coast to Coast & Filtering

  1. At our school, it’s even worse. Our filter blocks everything that has the word “blog” in it’s URL or on its index page. And of course, even any use of this filtered version of the internet without the teacher physically standing over the kid’s shoulder, is forbidden by our “Acceptable Use Policy.”


  2. Bob, if we had you yelling at your car speakers maybe we’re ready for AM talk radio. 🙂

    I feel fortunate that my school district has a liberal filtering policy that allows access to Blogger and nearly all other sites like it. Keep up the good fight.

    (One of the four horsemen)

    is a resource you can try for classroom alternatives.

    Also, if you need a more protected site (which sort of takes away from the value of student-publishing), you can set up a free class account at for a student discussion board site.

    And, are you aware of Nicenet? It is a service that calls itself an Internet Classroom assistant, that contains a discussion board, link sharing and assignments. Also Free!

  4. How funny…I just posted to an email list on this very subject. The email list is composed of technology directors in Texas. We’re also covering this topic at our Fall 2005 meeting; you can see the program online at

    In short, we’re in the middle of a revolution. Instead of being the torchbearers in the Cave allegory, we’re the ones in the dark. By “we” I mean educational technologists in school districts who haven’t quite “seen the light.” And, it’s not obvious. We all have to work at making the connection.

    Longer post on this subject online at:

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