A Handy News Site

    Over the weekend, I read about a site that I think is an interesting tool for looking at the big news of the web world.  Ten by Ten is worth a look if you’re interested in news and language and pictures.  The site scans the web every hour, compiling one hundred pictures and […]

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Wiki Speak

    Anne points to a really interesting collection of stuff on wikis on college campuses.  Follow her links for some interesting reads about colleges and wikis.

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Golf Story

    I don’t have a lot of sports success stories.  That’s just not my bag.  But here’s one:   This morning, on the number eight par three at Ute Creek Golf Course, I shot a hole-in-one.     That’s it.  That’s the story.  Pretty cool, huh?

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Blogs are Traditional?

ok.com     I read a story in my local paper Sunday morning that gave me pause.  By noon, though, I’d forgotten about it — until Dave Winer linked to the same story.  The story is about blogging and young people, and how what they say as a teen can come back to haunt them […]

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