Are Blogs Publications?

    We’re having lots of success with the CSUWP blog.  About half the group is either writing for it or thinking about it.  Last weekend, Megan asked, via the blog, a question that is pretty interesting for teachers who write and/or keep blogs.  She writes:

I’ve been doing some research into publishing poetry, and according to
Poet’s Market 2004, "previously published" means "anywhere in print for
a public audience…includ[ing] magazines, anthologies, websites and
online magazines, and even programs (say for a church service, wedding,
etc.)" (Breen, 11.) Does this include Blogs? If so, that’s a pretty
important thing to consider before posting poetry; it could take it out
of contention for broader publication. And what about the E-Anthology?
Does it count? I would love feedback and more information on this, as I
was considering starting a Poetry Blog, but not if it’s at cross
purposes with getting published in more traditional venues…

We need your help.  Do you have ideas or suggestions or resouces to help answer this question?  I want Megan and others to use blogs to support their writing — not compete with it.

One thought on “Are Blogs Publications?

  1. My thinking is that technically, print publishers would not consider a blog as “publishing.” Teachers have broader notions of publishing than print publishers do. For instance, we often publish pieces merely by putting them on the bulletin board at school. If we did that, does it mean that it has been published and cannot be considered by print publishers? Probably not. Web publishing is a gray area, however, because it reaches larger audiences. The best advice I could give would be to check with individual publishers to see if they consider it “previously published” or not.

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