Got Any Podcast Topics?

    I’m headed to Pueblo tomorrow to give a presentation on teaching writing.  I’m excited to do the presentation, but I’ve got almost six hours in the car tomorrow.  I’ve got plenty of good stuff to listen to, but I could use a little help.
    I’ve got all that time and two recording devices.  Any suggestions for podcast topics for the trip?  I guess this is a call for an "All Request" podcast.  You name the topics, I’ll do my best to cover them in a podcast.
    Any ideas? 

One thought on “Got Any Podcast Topics?

  1. I’ve got a couple of ideas you could try:

    1. World Cafe…how you use it in your classroom

    2. I’d like some more detail on how your students will publish next year…How will it be structured? How will you grade them? What is more important, online writing to an audience or in class writing to their teacher? I realize you’ve touched on some of these ideas but a podcast dedicated to what worked and what didn’t work would be interesting.

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