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    Right after I finished my last post, I read this over at Chris Lydon’s Open Source blog:

Does Aaron Spelling own the TV he makes, or do we? Sometimes we love
what we watch — or read — so much that we can’t let go when the series
ends. Fan fiction — creating alternate endings or even unholy trysts
using characters from popular culture — is in a way nothing new. Dante
did it, and so did Eugene O’Neill.

But we’re looking at modern
movement that dates to the original run of Star Trek. Fans used to
trade mimeographed copies of the lives of Kirk and Spock. With the
Internet, however (notice how it changes everything), communities of
fan fiction writers can find each other, and if you check out or, you will be astonished to discover that there is NOTHING that hasn’t been given the business.  Not even the Bible.

would you be writing about? I would be writing about the Dukes of
Hazzard, but that’s beside the point. Is it literature, or is that even
the right question? Is it, as one of our guests maintains, what has
happened to amateur theater?

    Interesting, isn’t it, how sometimes thoughts and ideas converge in the blogosphere?  Should make for an interesting radio hour.

2 thoughts on “Fan Fiction on Open Source

  1. Well Bud, as long as we’re writing about long gone television shows, I’d be writing about either KnightRider or Magnum P.I. Not that I could do Tom Selleck’s “Thomas Magnum” character any justice, but I’d love to explore the whole Vietnam, TC, Rick story archs they touched on during the series 🙂

    By the way, long time reader, first time poster, nice blog you have here. If I were teaching in a school district even half as progressive as yours (and I was teaching middle school) I’d definitely be having my kids blogging (currently not allowed by admin).

  2. Ben,

    Thanks for stopping by. A good friend of mine would be eager to read your Magnum fan fiction. I’d be much more interested in some fan fiction of the A-Team variety.

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