Mistakes are Made

    I had some extra time this afternoon as I was sitting in traffic in Denver.  This gave me a chance to get down some thoughts about mistakes, how we can learn from them, and why we should allow
our students the opportunities to do so.  Specifically, I’m exploring
some of the riskiness that I’m feeling and I’m hearing about from
others in regards to allowing and encouraging students to blog.  Some

    * What mistakes are students going to make? 
    * How can we help them to fix those mistakes in a responsible manner?
    * How can we hold students accountable for the dishonest mistakes versus the honest ones?
Here are the links mentioned in the podcast:
    * Teach42
    * Blogmeister
    * Principal Bans Blogging — via Will Richardson

As always, I’d love your feedback.
There’s a certain irony in the fact that I experienced several
technical difficulties in the creation of this podcast – – so there are
some audio "mistakes" herein.

2 thoughts on “Mistakes are Made

  1. I guess one of the smallest mistakes is a simple grammar mistake. They are very common in blogs so they might be easily dismissed. But if you are in an English class, grammar and spelling and revision are important.

    I was recently reading a blog of a teenager and saw a mistake with the use of their/there. I thought about leaving a comment (I don’t remember if she had an email address, that might have been best) so that she could fix the error. But I didn’t want to hurt her feelings. Even though she would probably appreciated it. (The good news is I went back out of curriosity and couldn’t even find the mistake.) So I think one thing to be considered is getting over hurting people’s feelings. You need to give and be able to receive constructive criticism.

  2. Alicia —

    You’re right — blog posts are great places for feedback on grammar and punctuation. Perhaps one of the best places, because students are probably more interested in looking professional and intelligent when their writing is online for others to see.

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