Blog Legs

        Do you ever just itch to write something down?  Since I’ve developed this blogging habit, I find myself taking better notes and trying to get ideas down more often than before.  I don’t know if my skills have improved, but I do know that my desire to write, and to remember the […]

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Grade “A” Blogging

    I’m constantly blown away that other teachers, quality teachers, in fact, are reading and thinking about my reflections here.  The feeling, to quote a student of mine, is "sickly-ill tight tight."  (I think that means cool.)    Darren, over at A Difference, recently posted a comment here about my blogging course.  He had […]

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Spring Break — Finally

    Now that Spring Break has finally come to my district, I am able to catch up on some much needed rest and work around the house.  Paradoxically, I think the week off from school will actually allow me the time to get a great deal of schoolwork done.        I’ve been reading […]

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