Podcast #2

    Well, due in part to the excitement I’ve felt in the classroom this week, and also in part because I did receive lots of positive feedback on last week’s podcast, I’ve decided to give this another stab.  This week’s podcast is an opportunity to share a bit about my blogging class and what I’m learning so far. 

Links from this week’s podcast:
* Hipteacher’s Xanga comment
* Will’s reaction to Myspace.com
* Bloglines

3 thoughts on “Podcast #2

  1. What an exciting idea! A course on blogging! I’m looking forward to seeing the blogs your class generates. You’ve got me thinking and wondering…..

    I’m thinking I might like to teach a similar course. (It would be so much fun!) I wonder how you’re going to assess your students work?

    Just thinking out loud here:
    How about asking the students how they think they should be assessed? What sort of required work should they have to do? What sort of periodic formative assessment would be fair and legitimate? Build the rubric together maybe.

    As I imagine myself teaching such a course, after listening to your podcast, I’ve got some more ideas. In your podcast you mentioned two things:

    (1) You began by reviewing some of the technology apps out there. i.e. RSS and Bloglines.

    (2) Many students today are more technologically knowledgeable than their teachers.

    Ok, so one part of the assessment might be to have each student research a technology (is this grammar correct?) and then present/teach the class how to use/integrate it into their blogs. i.e. podcasting, videoblogging, flickr, wikis, blog template design/editing, etc.

    One last thought. Anne Davis wrote an article about an ESL teacher whose class is blogging about bullying. Anne suggested other teachers pick an issue and do the same. How would that be for one of your class assignments?

    I’d love to hear what you think about all this.

    All the best Bud!

  2. I stumbled across your blog while I was doing some online research. Some great ideas here. I am always amazed at how adept my students are when it comes to technology. I’m no slouch myself, but they’re incredible!


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