So much for “what if”

    Well, based on the almost immediate responses I got from my musing this afternoon, I have gone ahead and created a workshop space for any interested collaborator to play around in/with.  Thanks to the fine folks at JotSpot, I was able to put together a really, really rough wiki setup in a very short time.  Mostly, it’s a convoluted brainstorm at the moment, but over the next couple of days, with your help, perhaps we can create a policy together that I can use in my district and, hopefully, others can use in theirs.  At the very least, I will be learning a great deal about the practical applications of wikis.  I hope you’ll learn something, too.
    If you’re interested in checking out the collaborative wiki, then point your browser here.  The login information is available here
    Thank you in advance.  It is beyond exciting to even think about an opportunity to share ideas with those of you here in the edublogosphere. 

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