The idea for this section of the wiki started here continued there and evolved into this page.

It was suggested that what we really needed to do was write vignettes that accurately reflect what educational blogging dilemas might look like, how they can be handled effectively, and post them publicly for everyone to read.

Students, teachers, parents and administrators, share with us your thoughts. Write your perspective into the conversation by editing an existing vignette or createing a new (real or hypothetical) one.

Vignette 1

A student engages in cyber-bullying in a filter-free internet environment.

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Vignette 2

I am studying Wikis and Blogging in an educational setting too. I am curious what issues or dilemas might arise from public postings. I created an account and found that I was able to update your Wiki. Interesting. I wonder if and when another contributor might come along and delete this. I found it interesting that I did not have to give my e-mail address, and this in turn begs the question related to security -- just who will you allow to update your Wiki, and how are you alerted that changes have been made that need to be reviewed for possible editification. School Technology Consultant, Illinois

Hi, STC. I noticed your edit when I scanned my RSS feeds this evening. I find that different tools and different purposes make for different levels of access and control. I'm not too worried about this particular space being fiddled with, so I leave it pretty open. Other spaces, I keep tight controls on, especially if students are involved. Depends on who the primary audience is, as well as the purpose of the space, etc. What rules do you think make sense regarding wiki security? --Bud 21:24, 7 March 2008 (MST)