The Podcast: Driving from NECC

I always enjoy a good double meaning in a title, so I’m pleased that this podcast, recorded during my drive home from NECC, is called what it is.  I find myself driving at the moment, refreshed and recharged.  That’s what I wanted out of the conference.  I’m pleased it worked that way, and grateful to lots of folks for all the conversation and push back.  It is good to be in community (or communities, or whatever) with smart folks.  I wanted to get this podcast up, mostly for my own benefit, before I lost some of that momentum.

I’m off to the beach for a week, hoping to top off my batteries, and will be doing my best to be offline – but I’d welcome your comments here on the podcast as a way of keeping me driving and moving when I return.

Oh – and below is a piece of the conversation that I mentioned in the ‘cast.  Thanks to Kevin Honeycutt for recording it and Darren Draper and David Jakes for facilitating the conversation.  Not sure if a complete recording exists, but you’ll get the gist of the conversation, one of my favorites.

You can find most, but again, not all, of the K12 Online Conference presentation I reference online over at Wes’s place.