Developing blogging habits

    It is sometimes hard to find the time to post, given all the responsibilities that I have at school and home.  I am interested in knowing how others find this time.  Heck — I feel guilty posting at work, even though I think this blog is fast becoming a teaching reflection journal for […]

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Lots to read out there.

    In between fiddling with podcast feeds — I think I’m getting close, but it’s time to get some RSS help — I have been scanning the educational blogs that are out there.  Man, are there plenty!    I’ve found that Weblogg-ed News has found its way into my aggregator.  And I’m reading the […]

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A Blogger Born Every Minute

    I almost forgot.  Today in my journalism class I mentioned the idea of having them blog regularly as a class activity.  I asked them to check out a few of the blogs out there — specifically, I asked them to look at the most recently updated blogs on TypePad (in large part because […]

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Recorded a “Podcast”

    Been a busy Monday.  Full day of classes, squirming baby — and now I’m sitting at my computer trying to see if I am able to record a podcast here at home with little or no new equipment.  Turns out that I am able to record and convert with no problems — thanks […]

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Johnny Carson Dead at 79

Johnny Carson has passed away.      I remember long ago sneaking around in order to stay up late enough to watch him and, after The Tonight Show, The Benny Hill Show.  I didn’t get why they were funny as a little boy, but I watched them just the same.   Carson was funny and, to […]

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Potentials for Podcasting

    I’m sitting right now in a board meeting for the .  I am on the board as the Teacher as Researcher member — which means I am tasked with discovering ways for teachers to incorporate inquiry and questioning into their teaching.  The idea is that teachers who are questioning their practice are better […]

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To Fark or Not to Fark

    So I often ask my journalism students to read the newspaper in class.  I like newspapers better than books about newspapers, and, frankly, I think the students that I work with could stand to read as much as possible as often as possible.  Okay — all students could stand to do that.  All […]

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Experiments in Podcasting

    It took all of five minutes to find several places online that offer podcasting tutorials or resources for newbies like me.  That’s good news — the only problem now is this:  who do I trust?    Found a site by Gary S. Stager that looks pretty interesting.  Chock full of podcasting resources.  My […]

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Why Podcasting?

    If you accept that blogging does have lots of potentials in the classroom, it doesn’t take very much to get you to see that podcasting has the same, if not more, potential for students.  When I think about posdcasting, I am thinking about the studnet production of short regular podcasts.  From a pedological […]

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Why blogging?

    So.      Now that I’m here in this space, I think it makes sense to declare, both for you and for me, just why I think these new technologies belong in the high school English/language arts classroom.  This post will focus on blogging — the next on podcasting.  I am squeezing these […]

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