Almost Forgot

    Almost forgot to tell you one thing about my conference experience.  During one of my sessions, I was talking about how great it was to have a discussion board as a place where students could go to talk about literature.  I said something like "I think that we need to create more opportunities […]

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Post Conference Report

    Jim is a kind and faithful reader, and he works to provide blogs to teachers in his area.  (Check out what he’s doing here.)  To my recent mention of attending the CLAS Conference, he comments: I’d be interested in hearing what you think is a successful conference for you. I think if I […]

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Conference Time

        I have ended my school week early so that I can attend the Colorado Language Arts Society Regional Spring Conference in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  I’m looking forward to the opportunity to recharge my batteries a bit as I dig into the work that other teachers are doing.  I’ll be presenting on two […]

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Education Carnival

        If you’ve got a minute, there much to read and discuss over at this week’s Education Carnival, brought to us by the Education Wonks.  Hopefully, tonight I can sit down and really dig into some of these posts — I’ll probably have some comments to share once I’ve done so.  I sure […]

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Writing Projects

        My wife and I, both alums, had a chance last night to have dinner with other writing project folks from around the state of Colorado.  The event was a reading by Gary Soto, and the fine people at the at UNC in Greeley were our hosts.  (Unfortunately, due to residual illness, I […]

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It’s the Links

        Steve over at Teach42 has posed some really, really interesting questions.  He writes/asks: It’s a fascinating topic. Blog the noun, vs. blogging the verb. They are very different things. Thinking about blogging as the set of ’21st Century Skills’ that students must know to create and maintain a blog puts a very […]

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Education Carnival

        Been trying to read lots of educational blogs right now.  An easy way to do so is to hop over to the Education Carnival.  at The Education Wonks.  It’s an interesting collection of a variety of posts, almost all by teacher bloggers.  Worth a look if you have a minute.  Probably worth […]

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Technology Update

       I wanted to give a quick update on some of the technology that I’ve been playing with lately.  I’m continuing in my quest to teach my blog pilot class next quarter — and that’s now less than a month away.         While I’ve been aware of Bloglines for several weeks, […]

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Thought Convergence?

        I don’t know if I’ve just entered the blogging community at the right time or what, but I sure am seeing lots of convergence between my ideas and what I’m reading right now. Tom Hoffman is talking about a school-wide blogging system – and that’s what I am looking for. Unfortunately, he […]

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