Grade “A” Blogging

    I’m constantly blown away that other teachers, quality teachers, in fact, are reading and thinking about my reflections here.  The feeling, to quote a student of mine, is "sickly-ill tight tight."  (I think that means cool.)    Darren, over at A Difference, recently posted a comment here about my blogging course.  He had […]

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Spring Break — Finally

    Now that Spring Break has finally come to my district, I am able to catch up on some much needed rest and work around the house.  Paradoxically, I think the week off from school will actually allow me the time to get a great deal of schoolwork done.        I’ve been reading […]

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Podcast #2

    Well, due in part to the excitement I’ve felt in the classroom this week, and also in part because I did receive lots of positive feedback on last week’s podcast, I’ve decided to give this another stab.  This week’s podcast is an opportunity to share a bit about my blogging class and what […]

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A Beginning

    Today begins my experiment with blogging in the classroom.  At 3:00 p.m. Mountain, I will hold the first session of my blogfolio course.  In the course, I’ll be experimenting with blogs and blogging and wikis and related technologies.  I’m pretty excited and nervous to see what we can accomplish.  I’ll post more on […]

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Taking the Plunge

       When I first started this blog, I challenged myself to eventually put a podcast together.  I spent a lot of time figuring out how to do it, technically, but then I drifted on to some other things.  But now I’m back to the podcasting.          It took a while.  I […]

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Wiki Update

        I added a rough draft of a document that I am building to distribute to students on how to get started blogging to the blogging resources wiki that I have setup.  If you are interested, have a resource to share, or want some feedback on or to workshop something you are creating, […]

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What do those tests teach?

    This week we’re giving our state test, the CSAP, to the students at my school.  It’s going pretty well — the students, for the most part, are taking the test seriously, as they care about our school and what the test scores can mean for the program.  But something  happened yesterday that really […]

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Wiki wide open

    The sample policy wiki has been up now for several hours, and I’ve gotten some feedback on access to it.  I’m removing the password protections on the site so that it’s truly open for all to edit and work with.  I’ll keep it that way, hopefully, forever, but I can always go back […]

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So much for “what if”

    Well, based on the almost immediate responses I got from my musing this afternoon, I have gone ahead and created a workshop space for any interested collaborator to play around in/with.  Thanks to the fine folks at JotSpot, I was able to put together a really, really rough wiki setup in a very […]

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What if . . .

    What if I were to put a sample blogging acceptable use policy on a wiki and ask the kind folks out there in the blogosphere to help me cobble something together?  Would anyone play along?  Or does everyone else already have this stuff figured out, and I’m the only one who doesn’t yet?

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