Free Audio Books

    I like free stuff.  I also like books.  And I drive a lot.  Those’re several reasons why I enjoyed Earthcore so much, and why I’m listening to Ancestor now.  Both are books that were podcast by the author.  I liked the first so much, I intend to buy a paperback copy.    (Warning […]

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More on Filters

    Since I first posted on filtering and my frustrations this morning, I’ve had some time to think more about them.    And I’m getting angry.      Hear me out.  If a librarian, administrator, or other education professional, working in a public school, removed a resource from a classroom based on an arbitrary […]

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Filtering Policies

    I understand the need/desire to filter the Web at schools.  I also understand the desire to balance public appropriateness with the availability of and access to knowledge.    But I’m getting really tired of people with little or no knowledge of blogging and other Web 2.0 technologies blocking all such technologies first and […]

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In Other News

    It’s hard to type with only 9.82 fingers.  Last night, I had a run in with one of those fancy vegetable choppers.  Ended up in the ER until 2am last night because the bleeding wouldn’t stop.  I counted myself very fortunate as I listened to the stories of others who needed medical and […]

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I've Been Quiet . . .

      . . . because we’ve been doing lots of hard work here at my high school.  I’ve been grading lots of papers via Moodle, recording new podcasts for the , and working to prepare an inservice that I’m doing with some of my fellow writing project teachers.  Oh — and teaching propaganda techniques […]

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Math Chatter

    Darren‘s using some chat applets with the blogs that he uses in his math courses.  He’s got a post up walking us through some of what he’s finding interesting.  Well worth a read.    What I noticed as I scrolled through the conversations taking place in Darren’s "classrooms" is that the students are […]

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Coast to Coast & Filtering

    I’ve got a new favorite Coast to Coast.       (Don’t worry, George, you and Art will always have a warm place in my heart.)    Ed Tech Coast to Coast, starring the Four Horsemen of the Ed Tech World, (and I mean that in the nicest possible way) is a solid show […]

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Blogging 102

        I met today with the fine folks of last summer’s .   It was nice to check in with everyone and see what they’ve been up to since our month of intensive professional development this summer.      Perhaps the best part of our meeting today was that I was given the opportunity […]

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