Could a Blog be a Writing Workshop?

 Derrall works with elementary students and has been thinking about recent publications about blogs in the mainstream media (Go, Clarence!).  I have been, too, as we’re wrapping up a quarter and I have some student work that we’d like to publish and a new portal through which to do it.  (I’m not sharing a link […]

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Internet Filtering & the EFF

    The professional organization that I asked about filters and censorship respectfully responded that the issues raised by Internet filters are not yet covered by the organization.  The technologies are too new.   Which is a fair position.  This is new stuff.    But if we wait until someone else sets the norms and the […]

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What Would You Do?

Chris has a dream job.  He’ll be opening a new school next year in the heart of a museum.  The conversation at his place is all about what to do when you’re starting from scratch.  I especially like his ideas about student filmmaking.  We begin our film course here in two weeks.     I’m […]

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Filtering Podcast a Brewing

    There’ve been some interesting comments on the filtering posts from earlier this week.  With recent events in Colorado heating up the part of my brain that abhors censorship, I’ve got lots more to say.  Miguel’s shared an interesting post on filtering.  Good stuff.  I’m subscribed.I’ll be podcasting on my drive home today to […]

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