Reading and Writing. Every Day.

    We’re looking at how we do things at my school right now, for a bunch of reasons.  For one thing, it’s always a good thing to be looking at how you operate to make sure that you’re doing the best that you can.  For another, we’ve got some concerns about how our students […]

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Awareness Films

I am very pleased to present to you the first in a series of short, educational "filmstrips" produced by the staff of  We’re calling them "Awareness Films."  The first, produced by Zach, is called "Infection & You."  Enjoy. 

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No Stories Left Behind

    Will wrote a post recently that is helping me to connect with a problem that might be beginning to stir in my blog, as well as others.  He writes/asks: I read lots of stories about kids who are getting it, even in Doug’s post, where they are reading and writing and commenting and […]

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Small Sticky Notes, Loosely Yarned

    My CSUWP colleague Megan Freeman and I are at the Colorado Language Arts Society Regional Spring Conference in Colorado Springs, Colorado this weekend.  (Man — lots of capital letters in that sentence!)    We’ll be presenting a session tomorrow on blogging and podcasting.  You might remember that I wrote about planning a presentation […]

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Writely Goes Google

    Writely, the word processing app with lots of potential, has gone Google.  Not sure what this means yet, but, then again, neither are they.  Should we be worried?  Excited?  Both?    Or is it time to get off the Google Grid?

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Our First Podcast

    Our first podcast is up over at OldeSchoolNews.  Melissa, our first student podcaster, did a great job of reading her profile of our school’s counselor.  She was very nervous, but ultimately very proud of what she accomplished.      More to come, I hope, as students begin to get their current round of […]

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Want to Publish?

    Had a great first day with other teachers from other parts of the country.  We got right to work, though, in true Writing Project fashion — and I expect I’ll be quite tired by the end of the weekend.      Regular readers of this blog probably know that one of the major […]

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My Dream Blogger

    Dana posted recently, asking folks who their dream bloggers might be: Who would you like to see start blogging? I would love to see Jim Burke and Carol Jago start blogging. Both have contributed so much interesting dialogue to the field of English Education that I can’t see how they can fail to […]

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