Talking Teacher Research

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to visit with friends and colleagues over at about some of the thinking and work we’ve been doing to help support teacher research in our school district.  Here’s an archive of the recording of that conversation: I enjoyed the conversation and left with plenty more thinking and […]

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#DML2012 – On Love and Infrastructure

I’ve been continually struck at DML with the notions of connectedness and participation.  It makes sense that these would be sticky ideas here, and dominant ones.  The conference opened with the announcement of the Connected Learning Research Network and a talk from John Seely Brown that dealt heavily with notions of participatory culture. But in our […]

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Three Things I'm Thinking About Right Now

 Looking forward to attending my first #DML2012 conference.  Should be a fascinating opportunity to learn from and with folks who are thinking about learning.  Also, as I’m mostly facilitating others’ learning lately, it’s nice to attend an event in a primarily learning role1.  I’m honored to be a participant/facilitator for a session at this conference. […]

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The Podcast: Two Fall Projects

In today’s podcast, I talk about a couple of projects that are keeping me pretty busy this fall – finishing my thesis and building  with some friends from the NWP.  Oddly, they go together.  Which is a good thing.  Keep your fingers crossed.  And, as always, would love to hear your thoughts in response to […]

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#ISTE11: NWP's Inaugural Hack Jam

Yesterday afternoon, I had the opportunity to attend the first ever , an exploration of the opportunities to fiddle with text and writing and code on the Internet.  It was a useful event for me, as we were able to think and play with ideas about what “hacking” means right now, and how it’s about […]

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Shifted Learning Interview

Last Friday, I had the good fortune to spend some time talking writing and learning with John and Julia on the Shifted Learning Podcast.  We discussed writing process, tools and the National Writing Project, among other things.  It was a good visit, and I thought I’d pass along the audio.1 You might also be interested […]

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Yeah. It’s Like That.

Sheridan Blau on the National Writing Project, writing on page 98 of James Gray’s Teachers at the Center: Having experienced what it means to learn in a community of learners, teachers are inclined to count such learning as more authoritative and authentic than any other and to think of such learning as the proper aim […]

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