NCTE Asks: How has teaching changed?

I’m seeing lots of opportunities lately, to connect my learning network(s), offline and on.  Here’s one – a request from NCTE.  Write away, whether you’re an NCTE member or not: We’re interested in how your teaching has changed�in how you have altered, adjusted, or shifted your habits and expectations�since the time you began teaching. For […]

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Cover It Live Just Got Better

I’ve been a fan of CoveritLive since I discovered it during Educon.  I’ve used it successfully a couple of times, and intend to use it in the future when it makes sense to.  But I wanted a few more options – like multiple authors and the ability to get my data out of their system. […]

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Get Your Hands (or Eyeballs) On It

This collection of articles, published as Threshold Magazine – New Directions Spring 2008 by Cable in the Classroom and the KnowledgeWorks Foundation is one of the finest “think bombs” related to education and coming changes that I’ve seen printed on paper. I received a copy by accident, as my predecessor was on just the right […]

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Thinking ’bout Linking

It was about a year ago that I wrote a piece for English Journal on teaching “blogging” vs. “writing with blogs” that was pretty much a re-hash of some blog posts that I thought were saying something. The trouble is, I wasn’t sure what they were saying. I’ve been fumbling at this one for a […]

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