On Coaching and Choice

We’re reading Unmistakable Impact by Jim Knight together as a large team at work.  This is the third post in my series on that reading and reflection. This month’s chapter is on coaching, both the role of the coach and the practices and habits an instructional coach can use to make a difference in his or her work.   […]

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In Good Hands

One of the honors and privileges of my current position is that I get to work with some really smart people.  I mean wise folks.  The folks I want my children to learn with and from. And I get the opportunity, from time to time, to see these smart folks in action. This year, on the first […]

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Safe Places & What Is Yet To Come

I had the opportunity earlier this week to sit in on a conversation with teacher librarians and other media staff during a kickoff event to start the school year. We were sharing some lunch and talking about our hopes for the year – specifically, we were discussing how we will be working to build libraries […]

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Yeah. It’s Like That.

Sheridan Blau on the National Writing Project, writing on page 98 of James Gray’s Teachers at the Center: Having experienced what it means to learn in a community of learners, teachers are inclined to count such learning as more authoritative and authentic than any other and to think of such learning as the proper aim […]

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Well Isn’t It?

I’m listening to Donalyn Miller right now speaking about reading and writing and teaching at the NWP Annual Meeting in Orlando. She just mentioned a conversation that I wanted to get down before I forgot it. Donalyn was asked about her students’ reading. “Your students,” the inquirer asked, “read fifty books a year without any […]

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What I’d Like To Be Reading

I’m fiddling with the idea of pushing ePUB via RSS to iTunes, which probably won’t work.  But to get there, I’m going to need to have some ePUB in an RSS feed or two, so as a bonus for you, dear reader, I’m posting a copy of my Instapaper export for this week.  I’m a […]

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