#NPM2018: Prompt 13

2 thoughts on “#NPM2018: Prompt 13

  1. Keeping Bees

    I know several friends who have
    in recent years
    become beekeepers.

    They are also librarians.

    (I do not believe this to be a coincidence.)

    For whenever a precious resource is in danger
    you’ll usually find a librarian close by.

    While books are sturdy and safer than they may appear,
    The absence of ignorance is certainly strong.
    And while honey is delicious and on every shelf.
    (And sticky-ing up this kitchen counter, too)
    I worry that we can’t expect to rely on bees for long.

    (I even think Wal-Mart is making robot bees.
    If that tells you how much trouble lies ahead.)

    Honey, of course, is the bonus act.
    The dessert after their big main dish.
    The bees’ first task, you know, is pollination.
    The pushing forward of last year’s parents to
    next year’s crop. So there are next year flowers to eat.
    Gathering and organizing and preparing for what comes next.

    Also like librarians.

    See, librarians take last year’s knowledge
    Remix it back together to
    Make it reachable and usable
    Then nudge it gently towards the issues of the day, and
    The people who, ultimately, will face and solve the next round
    of problems. So there are next year people to look after.
    Gathering and organizing and preparing for what comes next.

    I get why librarians keep bees.
    They’re working the same mission
    though with different materials.

    And I wonder who keeps librarians.
    (While they don’t need keeping,
    I mean, they’re librarians!
    It’s important to know
    that someone’s got their backs.)

    — Bud Hunt
    April 16th. 2018

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