#NPM2018: Prompt 9

4 thoughts on “#NPM2018: Prompt 9

  1. The writer’s morning
    not with food
    but with words,
    stories on the grill
    and poems, poured out
    on the plate.
    We drink from experience,
    with the knowledge
    that our next piece of text —
    elusive as anything , yet
    lingering on the tip
    of the tongue —
    may be in the batter,
    on the grill,
    about to get flipped
    onto our plate.

    — Kevin

  2. Flipping Brilliant

    If there’s a more practical daily meditation than the preparation of breakfast,
    Then I don’t know
    what that might be.
    And of all the breakfasts you might prepare,
    The pancake is a celebration of perfection through moderation.

    Some flour.
    (But not too much.)
    Enough water.
    (But don’t let things get runny.)
    (Stop before you think you should.)
    A kiss of baking powder. A dash of buttermilk.
    We are off to the races.
    (Slow bubbling lumps are good and make for greatness.)

    The right griddle
    (Not too cold, not too hot)
    Is a most forgiving place.
    Where a blob of batter
    (Don’t fuss with it. Just let it brown.)
    Can become an orb of awesome.
    A single flip.
    (Stop fussing so much.)
    A little syrup.
    (Maybe just a little touch more.)
    A few little drips.
    You can’t refrain from everything.

    — Bud Hunt
    April 10th, 2018

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