“We Get To Change Expectations By Raising Expectations”

My friend Zac:

That’s the opportunity each of us who has the privilege to working with children has each day. We get to change expectations by raising expectations. We get to throw joy where anger or apathy is expected. We get to be kind.
We have the exceptional challenge every day of being better versions of ourselves every day than our students expect us to be.

 It really is a gift to get to challenge the expectations of students and grownups towards what we could be, instead of what we often become in spite of ourselves. Don’t forget. You can do that in each and every interaction in your day. There’s absolutely no reason not to.

And it’s not just those of us who work with children who have the obligation to try to raise expectations and bring some joy along into places where that other stuff is too frequently given instead. 

That’s all our jobs. 

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“Seeing My Daughter Dare Was Wonderful”

I’m doing some work that involves a new teacher colleague in Costa Rica, and I took three years of high school German.  What little Spanish I know I’ve picked up from my wife and children’s conversations around the house. I’m a crummy listener.

Enter Google Translate.  For the last week or so, I’ve been dutifully copying and pasting my writing in English into the service to translate into Spanish.  And vice versa for the new colleague’s words. I expect this to become a habit, but it’s not one yet. Right now, it’s a chore. But sometimes it delivers prizes.

I don’t know if Google Translate is serving us well, but in our first exchange about our holiday breaks, my new colleague shared that his daughter has been horseback riding.  I shared that my daughters love riding, but it’s not my thing.  His response was the title to this post.

I don’t know if the translation is accurate, but that phrase is sure poetry:

… seeing my daughter dare was wonderful 

I hope you get the chance to see someone dare soon. I hope you notice how beautiful it can be.

And I hope that maybe some one gets to see you dare beautifully, too.