On Turning 39

  1. There are also silly hats. I do not understand this, but it seems to be working, so I’m going with it. []
  2. Though more and more now, I teach and love to learn through budgets and proposals and coaching infrastructure. Frequently from the back of the room. []

2 thoughts on “On Turning 39

  1. It brings me great joy that you are blogging again. It also (hopefully) inspires me to get back at it. I’ve let it lapse as I’ve allowed other things to take priority. Blogging brings me joy and I need to make it a part of my life again.

  2. Hi Bud, your blog is one of the first I started reading when I started blogging about 11 years ago and I like how you’ve maintained that reflective nature the whole time. You might think you’re getting older but sitting on the wrong side of 50, I can tell you that you’re still pretty youthful! Maintaining the discipline and desire to keep blogging is a real issue that I have struggled with for a long time – and it is harder to find like minded learners nowadays amongst a sea of self promotion and people just going fast in what we used to call the edublogosphere. Happy belated birthday from down under, mate.

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