Tying My Shoes

  1. This was not my original plan. I was hoping that the team would read things together. But we’re busy, and there’s an awful lot of good TED talks out there that are gateways into interesting ideas. So someone suggested we do that, and it’s working pretty well. []

2 thoughts on “Tying My Shoes

  1. I’ve been tying it wrong all my life. As a kid I struggled with the loop around method.

    My older sister tried to teach me with a piece of cardboard punch with holes and a lace threaded (now I wonder why she did not just use my shoes) and ended up showing me the “bunny loop” method I still do today- more or less a square knot, but like the video you shared, has a strong and weak form (the latter a granny knot). My shoes are foreever under-tied

    Maybe it’s time to re-learn.

    Ironically, I just heard a story on Science Friday that echoed this as well some studies in impact and motion that also adds forces leading to loose laces. Apparently there are researchers at Berkeley deep into the problem!


    Thanks Bud! Your team is lucky to have you

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