Mozilla’s Curriculum Workshop – Summer Learning

4 thoughts on “Mozilla’s Curriculum Workshop – Summer Learning

  1. Your statement “to tell children that learning is so important, teachers are too busy to do so until after their “work” is done,” is brilliant. I was in the classroom for nearly 20 years and one of the reasons I needed to explore other professions is just that statement. I wrote curriculum, I helped with CC legislature here in CA and I was the only teacher at my school to get TOY two years in a row. None of those things seemed to matter. I still did not feel as though I was seen as a professional. At the end of the day that was ok – some of that stuff is ego driven and I didn’t care as long as students were learning to want to be excellent. So, I have gone to the other side. I am now in Ed Tech (which has obviously led me to your website). The democratic classroom can look like many things and “democratic” at it’s core means adaptability. I am on the Jupiter Ed team. If you have never seen it or heard about it, you may be interested in our all in one, end to end solution because it fits a democratic model. It is intuitive, adaptive and progressive.

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