“Let’s Find Out,” Writes Cogdog

  1. I think he said this.  He said it better than I’m writing it right now, but he was preaching gospel, so I wanted to try to capture it. []
  2. He also shared this killer collection of interactive documentaries that’s way too good for you not to spend some time with. I needed that, too. []

16 thoughts on ““Let’s Find Out,” Writes Cogdog

  1. I read this today (I’m a bit behind in my reading due to ISTE) and immediately shared it with some teachers. I’ve been presenting in my district about having students blog, especially as a way to engage as readers with others. One of my whys is that writing is thinking. Alan’s thoughts on how writing helps him discover what he’s thinking is exactly the point I am trying to get across. Thank you both for the help with that.
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