Be Less Hesitant

Be less hesitant. #

For the last couple of years here and online in other spaces, I’ve been holding back a bit.  I don’t know exactly why, but certainly there are multiple reasons why I’m not as forthcoming online as I once was. #

  • What if I’m not smart enough?
  • What if what I write makes people upset?
  • What if I’m not right?
  • What if this isn’t important?
They go on. And on. And on. And on. #

  1. Actually, I think I’ve argued that social media spaces are spaces where the poster should post what he or she wishes, and not worry so much about whether or not another person would want to continue to pay attention to them. But that’s probably another post.  Or series of posts. I might not be right about that.  Then again . . .wait. I’m being hesitant. []

6 thoughts on “Be Less Hesitant

  1. Try no hesitation.

    I’ve been a bit surprised how many people I know who sit down at that empty box with expectations or perceptions of an audience.

    They are just a bonus. I write everything for one person, me. It sounds patently obvious, but my writing is my out loud thinking and I do not change anything in my writing with some idea of theory’s on it.

    Fortunately my audience has low levels of taste.

    Hey hope we can connect next week!
    Alan Levine´s last blog post ..Putting Newton’s Law of Motion in Motion

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