If Public Isn’t an Option, Then It Isn’t a Choice

35 thoughts on “If Public Isn’t an Option, Then It Isn’t a Choice

  1. Hello, Bud,

    Yeah, the idea of agency including the right to participate or *not* participate often gets lost in these conversations. I really like how you frame it.

    That’s one of the things that’s always bugged me about the “all students should blog” approach – it implies that validation only comes with an audience.

    Writing can be about finding audience, but it’s also about finding voice – and a personal voice is a necessary precursor to a public voice. You can’t force the timing on these things.

  2. Good point. Many teachers might also require since it’s probably pretty rare that students don’t want to post something publicly. I think most students don’t really differentiate between public and private; a difference they do need to think about more.
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