#NPM2013: Prompt 11


Herbert George Ponting and telephoto apparatus, Antarctica, January 1912
photo: National Library NZ on The Commons
From time to time, it’s good to snap a picture, to remember.

5 thoughts on “#NPM2013: Prompt 11

  1. It doesn’t help that you are so out of focus –
    No twisting of the lens
    or turning of my words bring any more clarity to the picture
    of you,
    standing there, in that desolate space,
    with your eyes in your hands,
    and my mouth at your ears,
    waiting to understand what it is that I said –
    the moment passed,
    the meaning is gone;
    I’ve moved on.

    The podcast: https://soundcloud.com/dogtrax/poems-with-bud-words-out-of
    Kevin Hodgson´s last blog post ..Choose Your Own Adventure: Student Story Maps

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