Writing in Public

1. Be impeccable with your word. #

I suspect we all struggle to live up to those in all that we do.  And I try to always expect that folks are living by some version of them.  But I fail to not take things as personally as I’d like all the time, and I know others struggle with that.  I also know that I do make assumptions about the folks that I work with – I try to always, in the words of Adaptive Schools language, presume positive intentions in others, even when I’m not sure.  Especially when I am not sure. #

Ethical journalists treat sources, subjects and colleagues as human beings deserving of respect. #

And they recognize that, while you might cause some harm, there’s often a greater good at work.  Tread carefully, but don’t not tread. #

  1. I’m in the middle of doubting myself right now.  I’m writing right now to try to free myself a bit from that. []

7 thoughts on “Writing in Public

  1. One of the “big ideas” that came from our reading discussions was that “Sometimes you can observe and not comment” We were reading “Crash” by Jerry Spinelli and a student noticed that Penn Webb’s parents (who are Quakers) don’t react to Crash’s talk of violence. We refined our big idea somewhat to “You can listen to others and not respond or argue even if you disagree”. I’ve thought about this a lot this political season especially within the world of Facebook, social media, blogging etc. It’s probably good for me to remember that every post or comment is not a direct challenge to me, no virtual glove across the face with the promise of pistols at dawn. My mother once told me that she expected me to be honest, but that honesty didn’t mean telling her everything I thought, she honestly didn’t want to know. Mother’s have good advice like that.
    Kevin Slick´s last blog post ..The sky was so blue…

    1. I too struggle with the very same thing! I distinctly remember a moment reading something so asinine, quickly writing a comment, and hovering with my finger over the “enter” key like it was a trigger. I eventually decided not to go through with it due to the social consequences, but it was so hard! Remembering that “every post or comment is not a direct challenge to me” I think can be a huge help. Its amazing how much Facebook has caused us to “know” each other. Its created a completely new culture of social etiquette, namely because there are no immediate social consequences to our posts. I also believe that its a crime to sit back and say nothing, which is why I do my fair share of posting about issues that I care deeply about. I don’t do it to be controversial; I do it because I genuinely care about making the world better. If I can continue speaking my truth, and remember your quote, I think I”ll be ok. I love your poem about 9-11. Reading it caused emotions I didn’t expect to feel since it happened so long ago. I’d love to read it to my future English class every year on 9-11!

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