It’s Not About the Circuits. It’s About the Making.

  1. I’m using the capital “M” when I talk about Making the movement.  Maybe I shouldn’t be. []
  2. This, by the way, isn’t a mistake that visible spokespeople of the Maker movement are making, I’d say.  They get this. []
  3. It may not be the middle of the moment.  It may be past it.  But it feels like it’s still malleable to me, at least. []

37 thoughts on “It’s Not About the Circuits. It’s About the Making.

  1. It can’t just be about the technology, but it also can’t not be about the technology at all. It is about technology making it possible for individuals create things they never could before — both in terms of technological capacity, cost and scale.

  2. I couldn’t agree more. The process of writing is a process of composing, creating something authentic and eliciting a sense of pride. Too often students are concerned with the end product, filling out a form to get the job done. There is no sense of accomplishment and pride in that because the creative process is missing. Students need to be given tools to create their OWN writing, led by their own process. Modeling good writing is a start, but they also need to find their own voice. I think this could be facilitated with socratic circles so that they can express their thoughts and learn from others. They also need to study authors that break the “rules” so that they can see that it CAN be appropriate and when. Individuality is key for the process of “making” a good piece of writing. Their individuality should be fostered and cultivated. Writing is the most readily available form of “making,” and it is indeed crucial to civilization and humanity.

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