"Stay True to What We Know"

Part of me is pretty darn convinced that it involves our subversive intent going in to the unit to push back against some of the ways we already know the CCSS will be used to justify and perpetuate traditional practice. Susan Ohanian, for one, is very, very afraid. I think the fear is to some extent justified. But I also think that if all we do is rail against the standards, we’re missing opportunities to exercise our own agency as educators to meet them in ways that stay true to what we know. The alternative is to heighten our cynicism quotient so high that we might leave the profession altogether, and that would be shame. #

Be subversive for good, y’all.  Remember that you are not a cog in a machine that is moving beyond you, no matter how much it might feel that way.  You are an agent for learning.  And you have the ability to act and react to what is happening wherever you find yourself. #