#NPM2012: Prompt 22

photo: aroid
Almost there.  Just a little farther.

9 thoughts on “#NPM2012: Prompt 22

  1. I cannot see the end
    but it’s right in front of me
    I cannot see the end
    you’d think that I be free
    I cannot see the end
    the darkness makes me numb
    I cannot see the end
    another nightmare this has become

  2. long day
    the ride home from college
    not my road to take
    but the road of my children
    I sit in silence
    as the minutes turn to hours
    the miles pile on
    hundreds of miles
    from the home we all knew
    new adventures await us all
    not sure where the road will take any of us
    we now travel not together, but independently
    meeting up at rest stops
    until we continue to travel again
    writin4change´s last blog post ..Using Videolicious on a Friday afternoon and other Digital Lessons

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