#NPM2012: Prompt 18

photo: benjaminasmith
Write to someone who needs to hear from you today.

9 thoughts on “#NPM2012: Prompt 18

  1. Dear summer love, from so long ago.
    Our time was brief,
    So very brief

    We talked
    held hands.

    Just a few days, really
    A few conversations
    A handful of kisses

    Your view of me as mature,
    Changed me forever

    When you disappeared,
    I never got to thank you.

    I hope you found love;
    And laughter
    As I have.

  2. I’ve been sharing some of the photos and having my kids brainstorm TITLES (not whole stories or poems), just titles. They loved the bologna face, and we stretched descriptive words on the boat photo….but this one I decided to skip: I have several kids that have issues with writing on themselves any chance they can get, so I didn’t want to encourage them today!

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