Love as an Essential Element of School Design

I’m about to head off the grid for a week or two, with only brief glimpses of online things.  It’s that time of year and I need a break – and I’m celebrating an anniversary with Ms. the Teacher – our tenth. A good time to pause and reflect – on many things.

But, before I go, I wanted to leave myself a note about something I wanted to think more about when I returned – and it’s this:

Larissa was responding to a question about it not being “normal” to find places, specifically schools, where love is the reigning paradigm1.  She said, plainly and rightly, that maybe love should be the norm.


And that’s worth fighting for.  That’s worth doing.  I like that new normal.  Bunches.  And didn’t want to forget as I slip off into vacation mode.

So get started on that while I’m gone.  Okay?

  1. My words, not hers or the questioners. You can listen to the entire conversation, which was streamed and recorded, when it’s shared via Teachers Teaching Teachers over at EdTechTalk in a little while. []

9 thoughts on “Love as an Essential Element of School Design

  1. I recently did interviews with 16 high school students who were involved in new courses, new ways of learning. One commonality surfaced: they loved (their words, not my interpretation) their teachers and felt loved in return.

    Happy anniversary. 10th is a milestone, isn’t it:)

  2. We can’t forget that love comes in many forms: the soppy and sweet, the gifts and giggles, the smiles and hugs, the structure and discipline required for focused learning. Sometimes what takes teachers the most effort in school is actually love in a different form. One memorable student and I “disagreed” every day for most of our time together. I loved him and he loved me. I was the obstacle that gave him the boundaries and structure he needed and craved. His family loved me, even when I disciplined him to their “disadvantage”. We had some tough times together for several years. We still love each other even though the contacts are few and far between.


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