NPM 2011: Prompt 11

Pencil Parsley
Creative Commons License photo credit: bourgeoisbee

Make all of your marks heavy and dark. Wherever you choose to make them.

12 thoughts on “NPM 2011: Prompt 11

  1. 2B
    or not 2B

    That is the question.

    I read today on Twitter,
    of a tweep who wrote a letter.
    An annual event,
    To excuse his kid from tests.

    The kind you have to bubble,
    An assessment kind of trouble.
    That so clearly lead to double-
    -teaching. Learning, and For Tests.

    If you throw it out the window,
    Where will all the students now go?
    On to College or the workplace,
    Without G-MAT kinds of stress?

    So the pencil flies instead, so.
    Over desk and out the window.
    To nestle ‘mongst the green-ry.
    Now prepare for “off-to-school” go.

    Have a nice day! Do you use 2B or 2H ?
    Andrew Forgrave´s last blog post ..April iPhone Photo Project- Day 11

  2. Relics: 11/30

    Pencils, CD’s, Books,
    soon to become collectors’ items.

    It’s easy to bid farewell to
    the Pencil and the CD for the new technologies,
    But the book?

    After years of loving and living with and around
    hard and soft backs,
    I tossed this holy experience away
    for the slim, backlit iPad,
    filled with titles
    waiting to be read paperless.

    In fact, I’ve been stalling,
    backed into a corner,
    Before I step back
    And take up my paper copy of
    Because Digital Writing Matters
    As we begin our iAnthology online book club

    Why am I fighting
    this return
    To my old, loving ways?
    Bonnie K´s last blog post ..Relics- PAD 11-30

  3. Maybe it’s Sproing Fever—
    I see the typ-o—like a blood
    stain but I won’t bother
    fixing it. I already produced
    a to-do list beyond number.

    Not because it’s too much
    work but I signed a blood
    pact to that invisible church
    where mind-heart surrendered
    and I get this sproing-itch

    unless I honor desire
    even on Monday. Follow bliss
    might sound easy: Taste fire!
    The want-to/have-to dis-
    olution, union, goes higher.

    Make our marks so strong
    outside the lines of fear
    and hate. Let’s color long
    until we’ve made the last tear
    and discord turn to song.
    Joseph McCaleb´s last blog post ..Red Marks

  4. You’re a lifesaver today.

    Blank Paper

    With both arms you pull your notebook so tightly to your chest
    that the words could not escape even if they had the will.
    Write what you see, I whisper. 
    There is poetry everywhere;
    in the tip of that branch,
    in the curve of your knee,
    in the speckled grit of these stone steps
    between strands of this spring wind
    and in the diminishing space between us.  
    Tentatively, pencil in hand, you lower the paper
    into your lap and look out with inward eye.

  5. Pencil writes on the page
    Leaf writes on the wind
    I write on the your memory

    No matter who we are
    We swing and swing around
    Around our steps, legs and turns

    We carve and carve around
    Around the tent of sky
    Seeking for the answer

    Lynn Chang 4.11

  6. I didn’t mean to.
    I mean,
    I like to color in
    my pictures with
    heavy, dark
    thick waxy
    sky blues
    A practice that I began
    to prefer years ago
    when barely-there-color
    began to bore me
    by its lack of expression
    of the colors wrapped in paper

    On this particular afternoon
    I found myself at a kitchen table
    heavy laden with the detritus of our household
    a kite
    to-do and grocery lists
    library books
    and a box of crayons
    the good kind
    with a fresh black crayon
    the kind you need for coloring
    tires and machine parts
    on the Mystery Machine
    I asked to borrow it from my son
    and he smiled and shared
    his treasure
    But I pushed too hard
    as I colored some inconsequential
    piece of a picture that
    no one would really even look at again
    as it would get absorbed by the pile of papers
    right-in-half snapped
    I looked at the two pieces
    in frustration, sadness, disbelief
    I waited for tears from the five-year-old
    but they didn’t come
    “It’s okay, Mom.
    That happens to me sometimes.
    I’m sad, but it’s okay.”

    As I sit here,
    similar pile of papers next to me,
    pondering the frustrations of
    students pushed too far and too hard
    by the expectations of others,
    I worry
    I pray
    that I won’t be the one
    who pushes too hard
    to get him to show
    the colors of promise I see in him now

  7. In the park, the tallest, oldest tree stands
    I walk over to it.
    I feel the rough, hard bark
    I take a knife and start carving
    LOVE <3
    I carve it in over and over in the same spot,
    so it's there forever.
    Love lasts forever! <3

  8. When you make your mark,
    make it deep,
    make it dark.

    Make’m where their in plain sight,
    where it matters most,
    draw the line deep within,
    anywhere you choose to make them.

    Because when it comes to life,
    you choose where,
    and when.
    Make it count,
    make it good.

    When it comes to life there’s no eraser.
    Allison´s last blog post ..Last Time


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