IT People Are People, Too.

Saw this at Dean’s place:

It doesn’t take much to take down IT workers, the uphill battle is keeping them motivated and fighting the good fight.

Bill’s comment was a good reminder. It’s easy to cast the Others, especially the ones you don’t know and haven’t met, be they IT or Administration or Parents or Politicians, or Whatever, as The Problem. The Evil.

Some folks even say such things about Teachers.

But that doesn’t mean that they are. And it doesn’t mean that your barbs won’t hurt. Or are fair.

IT folks, and parents, and politicians and teachers and everybody else are, well, people. Worthy of kindness and courtesy.

So let’s be careful (and kind)1 out there.

Update: Dean made the compelling case that it appeared as though I was calling him out in this post. That was not my intention. My interest was the comment – seems it doesn’t take much to bring anybody down. And we should work to raise people up. Which was my intention here.

As I told him via Twitter – if I’d’ve wanted to call him out, I would have done so explicitly. I’m sorry that it appeared otherwise. Love to hear your take on this in the comments.

  1. Dare I say “loving?” Oops. Just did. []