I’d Look at the Congressional Fridge. Wouldn’t You?

If I had my way, all federal budget conversations would start like this:

We’d seat the most philosophically and politically contentious and opposed folks together. Roundtables. Crayons and paper in the center. Perhaps some yarn, googly eyes, and glue.1

The first five minutes would be spent writing and drawing together. No specific prompt. Just time to make things. Then ten minutes to share with someone at the table.

We’d collect the pictures and add them to our gallery of past creations. Might even put them up on the Congressional Fridge.

Try to rip a hole in someone when you know that when they were four, they had a blanket named Blinky. It was red with gold stars.

Take a cheap shot at the colleague who just showed you a picture of her favorite pet ever. With yarn hair attached.

You couldn’t.

Division wouldn’t go away. But perhaps the discourse would be kinder. More civil. Worthy of our great nation.

And better than I’m seeing lately.

Let’s get on that, America. I suspect there are plenty of NWP teachers who could help pass out those crayons.

  1. No scissors. Safety first. []