An Open Letter to Congressman Cory Gardner – Restore Funding for the National Writing Project

a vote against the CR is a vote against cutting wasteful government spending. It’s as simple – and as important – as that. #

Excuse me, sir. But it’s not that simple. In your haste to make a difference and rein in “waste,” you’re hurting American students and American education. That’s not acceptable. I’d appreciate it if you’d pay better attention to what you’re doing. #

I want to live in a country that honors the important work of teaching and learning. I want to live in a country where thoughtfulness about how we teach and learn is an essential piece of that work. I want a government that understands that you can use a little bit of money to make an awful lot of difference. Children who can read and write well are a precious national resource. Groups like the National Writing Project, groups that so thoughtfully help children and teachers to become better writers, deserve federal support. #

Don’t you believe that modest investments in programs that make a positive impact on our children and schools are investments worth maintaining? #