There's No One Coming. That's Okay. A #blog4nwp

  1. Actually, that’s not quite true – I knew that I would be a teacher of writing who wrote alongside his students. I just didn’t realize how truly exceptional that actually was. The NWP is an exceptional group of teachers. And the door’s always open for others to join the conversation. []
  2. And I’d be happy to if you ask me to. []

8 thoughts on “There's No One Coming. That's Okay. A #blog4nwp

  1. Following in the footsteps of the great Mister Rogers testifying before Congress and securing funding for public TV (I read your earlier post), Bud, you’ve made a convincing case in a calm, rational, and heartfelt manner. I hope funders and politicians all read this great essay. Best, Gavin

  2. Your exhortation to teachers to educate our leadership is persuasive and on the money. (Pun intended) We need to hear and share more stories like yours about the impact of the NWP as well as other transformative projects in education. Antonio was blessed to have you as his teacher, and we must not overlook the voices of students just like him in our current discussions and decisions about education.
    The Master Teacher´s last blog post ..Web 20 – A Bit of Ingenuity and Cooperation

  3. Wonderfully stated! I had a writing teacher who wrote with me in high school so I knew how powerful it could be. It wasn’t until the NWP that I realized how powerful it could make my teaching.

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