The Podcast: On Love and Teaching

Twice in the last forty eight hours, the subjects of love and of teaching have been juxtaposed in conversation I’ve overheard. I’m pretty thick, but I feel like I should pay attention to the synchronicity.

Here’s the first, from a video I was listening to Sunday1 while I folded and sorted laundry:

That hit me so hard I had to put the laundry down and pull out a computer so that I could get it down.

And here’s the second:

Caught that as I was getting into the car Monday afternoon2.  Again, had to jot that down.

Two times, in two days, teaching’s all about love.  And that resonates with me right now.  Deeply.  And I wonder if we don’t have enough love at school.

I don’t mean the “leave room for the Holy Spirit” at the school dance kind of love, or the awkward sideways hug kind of love or the “uh oh in the newspaper” kind of love.  I mean this kind: Respect.  Kindness.  Compassion.  Acceptance.  Admiration.  Awe.  The kind that young men in our culture are supposed to eliminate from their persons at around age eleven.  You know.  When they “grow up.”

In today’s podcast, I flesh out that idea, and a few ideas raised by it, further.  I mention Dean and his podcast and the quotes I’ve already shared with you.  I’d love, ahem, to hear your take on this.

I suspect I’ve more to say on the subject. Hopefully, you do, too.

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  1. I’m on a serious Mr. Rogers kick right now.  Both his show with my kids and his thoughts and ideas for me.  And it’s good for me.  If you want to catch the full interview, which I’d highly encourage, here it is. The quote’s about six minutes in. []
  2. You can catch the interview that I heard here. I can’t grab his book right now, which sounds important.  But it’s on my list. []