What Do You Do with the Mad that You Feel?

The stopgap federal spending bill that President Barack Obama signed into law yesterday almost certainly spells the end of federal funding for more than a dozen education programs, at least for two weeks, quite possibly for good. #

It’s been a rather dark month for public educators.  Important ideas and organizations I and others hold dear are under attack.  At this moment, it would be so easy to let the angry voices win, to rage and fume and fuss and whine and complain and surrender to the rhetoric that makes teachers out to be the bad guys.  And the thoughtful stuff that we believe in to be a distraction. #

  1. Everything old is new again.  Things look dark for PBS and NPR rather cyclically. []
  2. This was fifteen years before I would spend afternoons with him and my mom on the old corduroy couch. I miss those days. []