The Podcast: USDoE Listening Session at NCTE

  1. I think they are, but it’s sure hard to tell sometimes. []
  2. Plans without timelines are visioning statements, and not action plans.  I hope this one becomes an action plan. []

2 thoughts on “The Podcast: USDoE Listening Session at NCTE

  1. Bud, I was just listening to the podcast (thanks so much for making the recording!) and I wonder if you understood his response to you. The USDE has three ways to affect reform, he said. 1) the bully pulpit, 2) transparency and 3) carrots. I don’t understand what he was saying about transparency. Do you? You asked for more of it, but I am not sure how it came into his answer.

    I am still processing the talk, but I am not feeling great about it. Did you see Secretary Duncan had a blog up for the National Day of Reform blogging on the Huffington Post? It contained his non-negotiables, many of which we heard trotted out by Mr. Cunningham.

    I guess I wish Mr. C. would add “know whereof you speak” to his “say what you mean” mantra.

    Thanks again for posting the audio.

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